Taking Care of the “Tech Stuff”

Hi. I'm Adam. I'm a tech guy. Working behind the scenes with my wife, Alison (You might know her from Pint-sized Treasures.), it seems we often hear her blogger friends voice their frustrations with "techie stuff": spending long hours searching forums and trying to decipher computer code to solve what should be simple problems. We've heard your stories and feel your pain. We're here to take care of the "techie stuff."

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Ebook Formatting and Design

Many bloggers are a great source of passive income selling ebooks on their sites. But you want to make sure that your ebooks are sharp—a cut above the rest.

We can help you take your ebook idea and make it a reality in a number of popular formats, including:

  • PDF
  • EPUB
  • MOBI
  • iBooks
  • Kindle
  • CreateSpace
Again, taking care of the tech stuff for you.

Email Newsletter Design

Ever recevied an email newsletter on your phone text so tiny you couldn't read it? Yeah, I have too. It's not nice.

Newletters are essential for keeping in direct contact with your followers and potential customers and clients, without being beholden to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You need a newsletter that is sharp and most importantly functional. We can bring your brand to the next level by designing a polished newsletter template that will look awesome in any browser and on any device.

HTML & CSS Style Edits

HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of your website. With modern software, such as Wordpress, a person can administrate a website completely without knowing any HTML or CSS code. But when you want to make a change or run into a problem, what then?

Whether you want to update your site's look, add special emphasis to a part of the website, or just change that heading's color, we can help. We also can create custom and visually applealing elements on your site from scratch to make your product or service pop. Think popup boxes, signup forms, and advertisements.

Wordpress Permalink Redirection

SEO gurus suggest removing post dates from your permalinks to boost your SEO. But what about all those thousands of old style links floating around the Internet? We can help by redirecting those old links to the correct posts, and without breaking your site or negatively affecting your SEO juice.

PHP & Wordpress

Wordpress is built on PHP, and PHP is powerful. Want a recent posts section, a contact form, or a newsletter signup area? PHP is the answer. If you can think it, it can probably be done. By adding native PHP to your site, you can generate completely new content on the fly to enhance your users’ experience and keep visitors engaged with your content.

Javascript Edits

Javascript takes the user’s interaction with your site from “meh” to “WOW”. Many under-the-hood enhancements for your site rely on Javascript. Whether it's a pop-up signup form or a slick animation, it's possible with Javascript. We can bring your vision to fruition.

SSL Certificates

Any time you allow a user to sign in to your site using a password, your site should be secure using an SSL certificate (because many users use the same password for many sites; BAD idea!). But who wants to mess with that?

We can help you get your own SSL certificate and set it up for your site, bringing you over into HTTPS!.